Bivins House

“He could feel the presence before he saw it”

Mary Elizabeth was born on February 12, 1861, & Lee Bivins was born on October 7, 1862, in Farmington, a small settlement south of Sherman, in Grayson County, Texas. His father, who came to Texas from Indiana in 1854, ranched, ran a mercantile store, and operated the county's first mill. Bivins showed an early interest in cattle raising and as a boy, he often collected doggies from neighbours, brought them home, and hand-fed them. Before he was twenty he had a sizable cattle herd and had established two general stores in Sherman. On August 18, 1882, he married his childhood sweetheart, Mary Gilbert. They had two daughters and two sons; both daughters died in childhood.

In 1905 Lee & Mary Bivins moved to Amarillo and constructed this three-story beautiful home. This home is a founding part of Amarillo's history.

Bivins died due to a heart attack on January 17, 1929. He was buried in the Llano Cemetery in Amarillo. Leaving his widow to live in the home until her passing in 1951. She then gave the city the house when it became the library and is now the Chamber of Commerce and Center City.  Until now, it was just a normal story of a successful family, but from here, the story of the footsteps began. It is said that their housekeeper died while serving them. Many people heard footsteps coming from the back hallway when it was dark and no one was there. The hallway was frequently used by their housekeeper. Others have smelled bacon, but the kitchen would  not be in  use.  It was said that there was a spirit. So one wonders how long she would feel the need to serve the ones in the home.  One lady that worked in the home later stated this, "I worked downstairs as an intern in the offices there.  Just like any other day, me and my friend were there working late when we started to hear the footsteps on the floor above us, then the elevator starts its way down to our floor. Suddenly the doors opened and there was no one there. The elevator was empty! I had heard that Mrs. Bivins haunted the home...I never worked late after that!"

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