Jackson Square Apartments (Building has been torn down)

Jackson Square apartment
Just a block from here was the Jackson Square Apartments in a building very simillar to this one. It has been abandoned for years after being the site of numerous murders and other criminal activity.

The feeling of being watched or someone sitting right next to you is scary and many people don’t believe in these kinds of things. But after reading this true story, you will get Goosebumps. The story of  the Jackson Square Apartments is a story of  many paranormal activities that can scare anyone. Most of the residents of the building saw a man hanging from the upper floor of the building from a noose. On the 2nd floor, people have been known to see a red light and bloodstains.  But the most terrifing, is the image of a pregnant woman falling from the upper floor.   Anyone who tried catching her would be surprised to see her disappear before she hit the ground. All these activities have been seen in the building of Jackson Square Apartments where many murders have been carried out within the haunted walls of the building.

Before its residents were evicted and its ugly walls were torn down, the apartments became the death place of 31-year-old Banquo “Ace” Dewond Logan.

Logan had been visiting his friend in the building to help him move out.  Just like any other day he came to his friend. He never knew that this would be his last day.  He came to his friend's apartment where his ex-girlfriend saw him. She wasn’t happy about the fact that Logan and his current girlfriend were expecting a baby. She started an argument with him.  Before long it got very heated and she allegedly began stabbing him in the neck and chest until he died.  After his death many people said that on the second floor, where he died, the felt like some one was guiding towards the bloodstains left behind after he was stabbed to death.

That’s just one of many stories you’ll hear or read.  There are many more stories about this apartment building that will haunt you.

The upper floors were similarly as creepy. One of the residents came out shouting from his room. He saw a man who hung himself in one of the rooms. These things did not stop here another blacked out of dread when she opened the entryway one night to a spooky shooter who revealed to her that he'd slaughter her like the other people who remained there before her! 

Indeed, even the children of the Jackson Square Apartments haven't been saved by its paranormal elements. While playing outside alone, a little girl heard a "HELLO" behind her and went she turned around, she froze.   There, floating in front of her was a little girl her age, whose legs appeared to have been cut. Wearing a white, blood-stained dress. Smiling evilly, her white eyes shone frightfully and appeared to impart her aims clairvoyantly. The apparition giggled as she went through the child, making her faint.

Phantoms aside, numerous occupants have run accross evil spirits while remaining in these rooms. Aside from having traumatic experiences in this building as a child with neighbours in the 80’s, there are two unexplained and haunting experiences.  The first paranormal experience took place before the child's father was diagnosed with Cancer. She awoke to find him being taken or an attempt to take him by two dark figures appearing to resemble vampires. Needless to say, it was terrifying to the child. Her family left Texas and then returned to the same apartment building 5 years later. At that time, the 4th and 3rd floors had been closed down and uninhabited due to a fire. No one was allowed upstairs, but she went anyway. She walked through the abandoned apartments as the doors were unlocked and in one of the apartments as she turned around, she saw what appeared to be a tiny creature, with a demon face, sharp teeth, but the body of a strong man. It was a greyish black in color.  Over the years she remembered this clearly but after seeing the reports of hauntings, she believes what she saw was real. It stopped looking at her and hurried away from her.

While Jackson square apartment has been destroyed and another structure has been reconstructed, the paranormal activities have not stoped. People walking down the street have felt invisible hands brush against them. A couple even revealed seeing satanic faces staring at them from the corners.

So, don't think that you're protected because the structure is no longer exists.

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