Old Pizza Hut

This used to be the Pizza Hut on 6th street.  On the night of Tuesday, Jan 17th 1977, Mary Powers was working the night shift when the Pizza Hut was robbed by David Grijalva.  There were 5 employees working that night that said a masked bandit came into the Pizza Hut with a small caliber pistol.  He was said to have picked up a butcher knife and forced the employees into the cooler.  Mary, who had fallen asleep in a booth in the front of the restaurant, wasn't seen when the employee's came out of the cooler.  They told the officers she was missing and presumed the bandit had taken her with him.  However, the officers soon discovered her gruesome demise.  Towards the back of the restaurant, they found her body laying face down by the bread mixer.  It was reported that her head had been pushed into the bread mixer and the mixer turned on.  The autopsy report showed she died from massive head injuries. However, witnesses say her head had been completely severed.  People who have worked there since the accident have said to see her from time to time in the kitchen.  Every year, the bar pays homage to her on the night she died.

Stay in this location for the next Haunted Spot.  The Nat is right accross the street, so you just need to click the orange circle/Nex Spot.

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