St Anthony's

In 1901 St. Anthony's Hospital became the first Catholic hospital in the Panhandle. It was the very first hospital built in Amarillo and opened its doors with 336 licensed beds. But along with all the good and pleasant work the hospital did, came dark and evil entities. Since the hospital was Catholic in nature there were over 75 documented exorcisms that took place over the 100 years it was occupied. It has been reported that some of the demons that were exorcised left their victims, but didn’t travel far, and still roam the now abandoned halls. As part of a study, animals, especially dogs, lowered patient’s heart rates and stress levels. The hospital employed volunteers that would bring their animals in once or twice a week to interact with the patients. One such dog, a Golden Retriever named Alex, refused to enter a certain patient’s room. Instead he would just stand in the doorway and growl a deep guttural growl. They say it was like he was following something around the top corners of the room, but no one could tell what he was looking at. Shortly after that incident, the temperature in the room spiked to over 120 degrees, despite having the air conditioning vents wide open. Immediately following the temperature spike was the distinct smell of burning sulfur. The patient was promptly moved from that room and it was turned into storage. Another well-documented story occurred when a group of nurses were sitting in one of the break rooms that faced a common walkway. All of a sudden an elderly gentleman with an I.V. pole started banging on the window that looked into their break room. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, “HELP ME!!!! HELP ME!!!!! WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!” Needless to say all the nurses got up and ran out the door to the outside of the room. When they ran around to where the man was standing, they only found an I.V. Pole and nothing more. One of the nurses remembered seeing that same man earlier, when she came on her shift, as she was making her rounds. They all ran down to the hall to where this elderly man’s room was located, only to be greeted by a local funeral director who was removing his dead body from the room. When these nurses asked what his time of death was, they were told he had expired over an hour earlier. 

The hospital is now abandoned which only adds to its mystery. The original building still stands facing North Polk Street. Make sure you drive down Polk as you leave and admire the buildings historic architecture.  

Source: the Haunted Amarillo Cache series

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