Formally known as Summit School, the site was a segregated school that only African Americans attended.  Urban legend is that the janitor that worked there in the 50's was a member of the KKK and  killed 4 African American boys in the boiler room.  When he realizing what he'd done, he committed suicide by jumping from the smoke stack.  The school closed in the early 70's due to integration and it was vacant for many years until one couple bought it and turned it into a church.  There have been several reports of the swings moving all by themselves, even when the wind isn't blowing.  The merry go round would start to spin, all by itself.  They even ended up taking it out, because people kept getting hurt on it.  Several have said they hear children laughing and playing outside.  Others have said they see a red ball, bouncing towards the boiler room.  It is said that on the anniversary of the killings, you can see the janitor jump from the smoke stack.  There have been so many visitors to see the paranormal activity that the police patrol it regularly, so please come by and enjoy the site, but no trespassing on the property.  But, please drive around the building.  On the back side is the play ground where the swings are and the best view of the smoke stack.

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