The Nat

Just accross the street is the Nat.  Originally the Natatorium, or indoor swimming pool, was opened in July 1922 and was later converted to a dance hall.  It hosted groups like Tommy Dorsey, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman, and Buddy Holly to name a few.  It became the talk of the town, hosting fabulous dances on Friday nights.  It lay vacant for a while and then became an antique shop.  In the years since it was a dance hall, strange things began to happen.  There would be a chill in the air on the hottest day of July.  Furniture would be moved around in the upper rooms where the gambling hall had been.  Legend has it that a woman who frequented the Nat, was having a wonderful time one evening when someone spilled a glass of wine on her dress.  It was so long ago, but somehow, she is seen today walking in the upper rooms.  In recent years, if a band were to be playing, an apparition of a dancing couple has been spotted from time to time.  Others have said they heard drum solos and a woman singing at night when no one was around.  But probably the most chilling story is the one of the mother and child.  One evening, fell from the second floor to their death.  It is said you will see them roaming the second floor spending eternity together in this place.  So, if you're so inclined, go to the Nat, and see if you happen to encounter one of it's more perminant residents.

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