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We did this ghost tour in the afternoon so we could see the buildings where the ghost activity is told to have happened. The stories were very informative and scary.  We loved it!  I want to do it again at Night, it would be very creepy.  everyone needs to do this! 

- Rhonda

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Killing Sprees

During the 70's & 80's Amarillo had some of the most gruesome murders.  Amarillo Haunts takes you to the places these murders happened and tells you about the murderers and their victims.

Image by Michael Mouritz



Amarillo's ghosts will have your hair standing up on the back of your neck.  Troubled souls that remain in our city haunt the places that we reside in daily and prey on the living. We'll take you to places you had no idea had paranormal activities.


Amarillo is home to one of the most intriguing curse. A curse that has spanned generations.  One that will make you hope that you aren't a part of it. 

I grew up in Amarillo and this tour showed me parts of the city I had never seen and gave me information I never knew about.

It was Creepy and fun!  It was great!