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Self-Guided Tours FAQ's

Self-Guided tour Pre Purchase FAQs

I'm interested in a tour, but I have more questions...

Do I have to buy a tour for everyone in our group?

You just have to purchase one tour for your group.

How long do we have to take the tour?

You have 30 days after the purchase date.

Can we stop the tour and start it back up?

Yes, just make sure that you keep that window up on your device or save the link of the page of the tour you are on.

How do we know where to go?

After you purchase your tour, you will get an email with a link.  The link will direct you to the "Welcome" portion of the tour.  On this page, there is a video with instructions, a link to the Spotify playlist, and a link to the Google map.

How long do the tours take?

The tours take between 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how long you spend at each stop.

What age kids do you recommend going?

The tours are made for kids 12 and up.  However, everyone is different and depending on the subject matter, the appropriate age might vary. IE, you know your kid best.

Can I purchase this as a gift?

Yes!  We have gift cards available.  Click below to get yours!

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I'm ready to get my tour!
FAQ's Post Purchase

I purchased my tour, but I have a question...

I can't find the tour I bought.
Order Summary.jpeg

When you purchase the tour, you will receive a confirmation email.  In that email, there is a "Download" button by the tour you purchased.  Just like the one highlighted in the image.  Click on that and you will get the Information letter that explains how the tour will work as well as provide you with a link and any additional information you might need.  If you didn't receive a confirmation email, please click the button below and provide us with the order number and/ or the purchaser's name.

The video isn't playing right.
Where's the Spotify link for my tour?

It's on the Welcome Page of the tour (the one with the 1st video).

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