Pan American Highway- The Ultimate Road Trip of Endless Fun

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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Nothing sounds cooler than a fun road trip, especially if you are looking for a much-needed getaway. If you are a road trip fan, then you must have heard about the glorious Mother of all road trips, The Pan American Highway! Yes, we are talking about the notorious longest road in the world, which connects two of the biggest continents, i.e., North America and South America.

The Route

Pan American Highway Route

Amazingly enough, Pan American Highway stretches from Alaska in North America to Argentina in South America. Well, this is not one of those typical road trips, this one is huge! You can witness about 14 countries on a single road trip.

North America:

Starting from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the road heads towards Canada. From Canada, through the United States until you cross Mexico City.

Central America:

The PAH route covers almost all the capital cities of Central America. However, there is a short segment of the highway that cannot be covered by car or a bike or on foot due to its tough and rugged terrain. This a forest area and can be covered on a plane or a sailboat.

South America:

Colombo is the entry point into South America, and the route further stretches to Peru, Chile, and ultimately ending in Ushuaia, Argentina.

How long does it take?

The Pan American Highway is about 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers) long, which typically takes six to 24 months to cover depending on the entire travel itinerary. So put it on your bucket list for the most amazing trip ever!!

Reasons to take over the Pan American Highway

  • Who doesn’t love a long vacation that is super light on your wallet? On a road trip to PAH, the only cost you have to pay is for gasoline, lodging, and food, which is quite cheaper than having to take commercial airfare.

  • This road trip on PAH is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to explore 14 different countries in a single run.

  • You will get a perfect opportunity to know many different cultures and languages across the two big continents.

  • From Glaciers to Tropical Beaches, you will be amazed by the geographical change throughout your journey.

  • You can also explore a variety of flora and fauna species.

  • This months-long road trip will let you grow mentally and spiritually and will help you explore not only the world but also yourself.

Packing List

Whether your taking your own car or renting one, you're going to want to be ready for the road! Here's a quick list for the things your going to want for a epic road trip. Or, click here for our Ultimate Road Trip Packing Guide.

  • Water tanks

  • Portable gas container or Oil quarts

  • Basic car tools

  • Paper map

  • Car phone charger

  • Paper money as well as credit cards

  • Blankets

  • Sleeping bags

  • First Aid kit

  • Basic clothing

  • Kitchen utensils

(To see all of our shopping guides, click here)

Must See Places on the PAH

Tolantongo in Mexico

Fall in love with the natural hot springs having turquoise colored water at Grutas Tolantongo in Mexico. Swim away all your tiredness in the serene pools and a glass of wine.

Yucatan Peninsula

Explore the beauty of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. Snorkel with sea turtles, enjoy swimming in the Cenotes, and make every second of your journey worth living.


Don’t forget to explore Central America. For this purpose, Belize offers the best sightseeing spots and getaway activities that will make you stay here forever.


Once you enter South America, make a stop at Patagonia- a land of turquoise-colored water lakes and magnificent glaciers. It is a real piece of heaven on Earth you must visit.

What an amazing excursion! Who knew you could drive from top of the Americas to the bottom! So, clear your calendar and save up some dough for the Road Trip of a Lifetime on the Pan American Highway.

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