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Day Trip Guide

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Historic Route 66

  1. San Jacinto Fire Station ​​

  2. The Nat

    1. Texas State Historical Association​

  3. Bussey Bldg

    1. Bussey Family Tree

  4. Cazzell Building

    1. Cazzell Family
    2. Ally Katz Mural​
      1. Jonathan Phillips

      2. @weshouldbestranger

      3. Cadillite Jewelry - Bob Lile Art Gallery

  5. Sinclair & Firestone

  6. Dutch Mill

  7. Shamrock Station

  8. Smitty's

  9. Hubble Duplex

  10. Square Mile Farm

  11. Handle Bar

  12. San Jacinto Methodist Church

  13. M System Grocery Store

  14. Borden's Heap O Cream​​

  15. Old Tascosa Brewery

    1. Old Tascosa Brewery- Video

    2. Facebook Page

  16. Sinclair Station

  17. Golden Light

  18. Roseberry & 806 Coffee

  19. Golden Threads

More Route 66




Don Harrington Discovery Center 

Amarillo Botanical Gardens 

Golden Light Cafe

The Nat

Recommended Books:

Lonesome Dove (A novel series based on the story of Charles Goodnight)

DVD Series

Book Series

Amarillo Flights: An Aerial View of the Llano Estacado

Palo Duro: A Thriller

The Rim to Rim Road

Amarillo: PostCard History

Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern

Georgia O'Keeffe: Watercolors

Route 66: The Mother Road

Route 66 Splendor Adult Coloring book

Taste from the First Cookbook, 110th Anniversary   (First Baptist Church Cookbook, complete with recipes from the original cookbook)

The Cowboy Cookbook

Texas Cocktails

Texas BBQ

The Tex-Mex Cookbook

Kids Books:

Growin' Up Cowboy by Jack Sorenson

Who was Georgia O'Keeffe

Hank the Cowdog Books

Welcome to Texas


Other Sources:

Ralph Duke & Beth Duke

Amarillo History & Memories Facebook Group


History in the Texas Panhandle

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